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古口港 戸沢藩船番所


敷地内には「芭蕉庵そば打ち体験道場」・ 舟中弁当受け渡し処「加賀屋」があります。



自家製粉にこだわった、手打ちそばです。 甘みと香りのある地元で採れた 「最上早生」を使用しております。

2,040 yen per person (tax included) (from 2 people)


We will carefully guide you from powder kneading to soba cutting.

It takes about 1 hour including meals.

* The fee includes the instruction fee and material cost.

The place will be made at Bashoan Soba Making Experience Dojo.

Make a reservation at least 3 days before application




充電も可能なワークスペースと、 山形の情報を網羅した観光拠点です。 観光した思い出にオリジナルガイドブックも作成できます。


[4月~11月] 08:30~17:00

[12月~3月] 09:00~16:30


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Furusato Village

Wonderland that can only be reached by boat.
Enjoy nature in the Mogamikyo Furusato Village.

Mogamikyo Furusato Village, which is located at the middle point of the boat descent course and is also a resting place, is a vast mountainous area where you can only go by boat and the nature remains as it is. BBQ, waterfall slide, kite flying etc in the wilderness Please play in the wilderness.
Fully equipped with barbecue house, changing room, toilet, etc.



Raft descent

Currently, we are not accepting applications from individual customers. Please note that we only respond to inquiries from group customers.

Become a master of the river in the magnificent flow of the Mogami River

Adult 7,030 yen (tax included)
3,970 yen (tax included) (up to elementary school students)
(10% discount for 15 people or more)

* Meal (barbecue) fee, return ship fee, equipment rental fee,

Includes all instructor fees.

Reception 9 am-10pm, flag making and explanation 30 minutes,
10:30 departure, raft descent 90-120 minutes

Departure from Furukuchi Port (Tozawa Clan Bansho) and head for Furusato Village.

Make a reservation at least 3 days before application

Please bring clothes and clothes that you can get wet.

* A consent form is required for the event. 
* It may not be possible to sail depending on the river conditions. (Flood, strong wind, etc.)
* For beginners, there is also a course by an instructor.

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